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Meghan Markle, that’s how she lived when she didn’t know Harry


When she was an actress in Hollywood and was married to film producer Trevor Engelson, now the Duchess of Sussex, she lived in Hancock Park, an area in LA where several movie stars settle. She certainly did not rub shoulders with George Clooney or Oprah (they both confessed that they did not know Megan or Harry until her wedding day).

As you can see, the duchess’s tastes and life have changed a lot in a short time: today she lives in Montecito in a house of 14 million dollars and is married to Harry of Sussex, she complains that her son is not a prince and that they bullied him at Buckingham Palace.

Her old home sold in January 2020 for $ 2.3 million.

The colonial-style building where Megan lived has a white facade with a porch with two columns that lead to the main entrance. Bright and with abundant open spaces, it has 600 square meters in a privileged location in the city of Los Angeles. Distributed in two levels, it has four bedrooms and three bathrooms, a large living room where you can see the wooden floors throughout the house.

Megan Markle lived in this house with her ex-husband, American film producer Trevor Engelson, between 2011 and 2013 when the actress landed her role on the television series ‘Suits’. Today, the Duchess of Sussex has moved with her husband, Prince Harry, and her son to Montecito in Santa Barbara, California County, to a mansion with 6 bathrooms and 9 bedrooms.

Both the paint on the walls and the furniture in Meghan’s old house are in light tones and the contrast of colors is achieved through the details

The living room is one of the most spacious rooms in the house.

The kitchen has hardwood floors, white cabinets, marble, and metal appliances. It is simple and not particularly large.
Annex to the living room with fireplace of the house that belonged to Meghan Markle is the dining room. Simplicity predominates in this area of the house.
This Los Angeles home also has a space for relaxation. It is a small living room with a sofa and blanket.
The master bedroom of the Los Angeles home has a bathroom and a dressing room, in which Meghan kept her many clothes. In the room there are large windows that allow the entry of natural light
Another of the four bedrooms of the interpreter’s house. It is decorated in a similar way to the main one, with paintings, neutral tones and a rug to add warmth.



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