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The many faces of tourism 

Globality imposes customs and lifestyles. This phenomenon is reflected in the new trends and modalities that emerge in the tourism industry, with which the inhabitants of the Jalisco-Nayarit Riviera maintain a fruitful relationship of interdependence.

In tourism there are four main categories: adventure, leisure, cultural and business. Within them there are subdivisions that in turn are mixed with each other. For example, those who work remotely can also practice water sports and enjoy fun. This is how a variety of combinations are presented.

This area of ​​the Pacific coast, in addition to its privileged natural environment and infrastructure, has developed a culture of service that responds to the preferences of practically any type of visitor. To illustrate this statement we are going to tell the following story using fictitious names.

When Arturo Urrutia was studying at an American university five decades ago, he met Nancy Wallace, his fellow student. They fell in love and decided to join in marriage. They both shared the same special attraction for beaches, nature, and warm weather, so without hesitation, they chose Puerto Vallarta to enjoy their honeymoon. From then on, at the first opportunity, they traveled to the paradisiacal region. The splendor of the surroundings and the beauty of a city framed in its charming provincial flavor, were accomplices of that romance that would culminate with the birth of his three children: Samantha, Julián and Valeria.

Arturo became a successful businessman and had the vision of buying a property on the Riviera. He built the beautiful vacation home that the family enjoys to this day. Arturo and Nancy were part of the pioneers of adventure tourism in Bahía de Banderas. They woke up at dawn, put their children into their VW Safari, a very popular model in those years, and traveled through the gap roads to reach some of the beaches that were not easily accessible at that time. They swam in its waters and enjoyed the dishes that the fishermen prepared for them in their rustic palapas.

Those were the unforgettable years of peace and love and rock and roll touched the soul of young people, like music and philosophy. The fact that Bucerías was beginning to gain international fame as a preserve of the Hippie movement caused the predilection that Nancy and Arturo felt for the place to grow stronger. In such a way that the couple shared the caress of waves and sand with icons of the seventies such as Bob Dylan, Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda, who frequently visited the fantastic place. Time passed and Samantha, Julián and Valeria grew up alongside the Riviera and her love for it. The house became a meeting point for relatives and friends. The pandemic interrupted the large attendance for more than a year. However, to celebrate the golden anniversary of Nancy and Arturo and when the relaxation of confinement and the new normal allowed it, their children decided to reopen the doors of the residence with a sensational party that returned and reunited family and friends.

People came from different parts of Mexico, the United States and even Europe. Some turned to Airbnb for accommodation. Others did it in boutique hotels and resorts. After the celebration, the guests enjoyed a week of joy and fun. The old people spent hours talking about their memories in the shade of the palm trees. The day seemed short to the youngsters, with their energy at full throttle, they went diving and surfing, riding bikes and kayaks, rappelling, and doing many other sports tourism activities. At night they moved to Nuevo Vallarta to enjoy restaurants, bars and clubs. Valeria traveled from Europe with her partner Antonella, they were amazed by the new sites specialized in the LGBT category.

Samantha and Julián led the group of lovers of ecology and sustainable tourism. They visited indigenous communities, lived with them and walked for hours through the jungle between streams, rivers and waterfalls, admiring the flora and fauna. They practiced yoga and indulged in spas. They attended temazcal ceremonies and lived intensely that mystical tradition of pre-Hispanic culture.

Guests of all ages had the privilege of spotting whales and sea lions. The little ones enjoyed the incredible adventure of releasing turtles in the company of the adults.

Three generations had a great time. The meeting was etched in their hearts. A cousin of Arturo, whom he had not seen for many years, decided to buy a property in the region. A granddaughter of Nancy, good at investments, was dedicated to consulting real estate agencies to acquire land, build apartments and rent them. Arturo and Nancy already live in Puerto Vallarta, their relatives and friends visit them seduced, like millions of tourists, by a region that knows no limits for adventure tourism, leisure, culture, business and all its modalities.

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