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:hda new showroom

On December 9, a sunset cocktail was held by the Hacienda decoration house on the occasion of the presentation of its new showroom located at Río Amarillo 272 in Fluvial Vallarta. Delicious mezcal cocktails and canapés were offered.

Hacienda is a decoration house where they give life to the space and personalize the design to the client’s taste. The design is inspired by Mexican motifs and works with artisans who perfectly capture the client’s idea in the pieces they acquire.

The presentations of the projects for your clients are shown in virtual reality format, which is completely innovative and allows the elaboration of a much more consistent idea about the product than in any other presentation format. What Hacienda presents is not unique because it is «new», but rather promises excellence and quality, in addition to its affordable prices.

Brett Kladney and Salvador Mascareñas are the authors of this project and Adriana Mascareñas, the sister, is the one who directs it. With this there are already three stores to which we wish all the success.

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