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The magic of downtown Puerto Vallarta

The Old Town in many cities all over the world has a particular charm that attracts both visitors and locals alike. It’s the site that holds the history and legacy of a place, the vortex where art expressions come together and where the live culture of a town can be appreciated. Downtown Puerto Vallarta could not be the exception, everything surrounding it holds an authentic Mexican spirit: from its architecture and colorful traditions, to the warmth and friendliness of its people and its delightful gastronomy.

Wander through its streets, stop by its restaurants and bars, visit its urban beaches and experience the art and culture that surrounds this area since its beginnings.

The starting point on this journey is its Malecon. Did you know that this boardwalk was completely renovated in 2011? The beautiful pebble stone “carpets” with wixarikas designs that you can admire today are works by the Jaliscan huichol artist Fidencio Benitez, winner of the National Prize for Arts and Sciences.

Walking along this iconic boardwalk you’ll have the opportunity of admiring works by other important artists and sculptors, such as Fernando Colunga, Sergio Bustamante, Ramiz Barquet, and Jonas Gutierrez to name a few.

Savor a traditional ‘café de olla’ or the most trendy cocktail in the spots around the area, and enjoy its terraces and balconies. Take a break in one of the benches along the Malecon to admire the ocean with an ice cream or a ‘tejuino’ in hand, or around the Main Square to admire the stunning architecture of Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish.

In the evening, enjoy the Puerto Vallarta atmosphere at its best with the open-air performances at Los Arcos Amphitheater, or admire the spontaneous works by local artists including magicians and mime artists.

If you head south, you’ll encounter a modern structure opened in 2013, Los Muertos Pier, a landmark of Puerto Vallarta. Life, party, and color come together in this area with street vendors offering art, crafts, and local food delights, as well as bars and restaurants with local cuisine and colorful cocktails to savor whilst admiring the Pacific.

This amazing circular pier resembling a boat’s sail at the top, is named after the traditional Los Muertos Beach, one of most emblematic beaches in Puerto Vallarta, where you can spend all day long savoring local dishes and watching as life goes by at the leisurely pace that characterizes this tourist destination.

In this area, you’ll also find the Romantic Zone. As you arrive you’ll discover that every corner holds something to discover, from The Tile Park, all the way to antique art galleries and cozy places to sit down and read or chat for hours on end.

There is so much to discover and experience in Downtown Puerto Vallarta. A day will not be enough to marvel yourself with everything that this fascinating area of town has to offer.

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