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The Japanese experience

Last week a friend from Mexico City came to visit Puerto Vallarta for the first time, so I proposed an itinerary for the week of her stay. One of the plans involved going to a restaurant that I hadn’t been to either, and then I remembered a friend’s recommendation: you have to go to Shibui!

Shibui Sushi is a Japanese restaurant within Casa Ritual, a boutique hotel located in Marina Vallarta. When we arrived, following all the security protocols of the new normal, to our surprise there were only two tables and a bar, where the chef, two or three other cooks and two waiters were waiting for us. The latter explained to us that there were two options: download the menu using the QR code and order a la carte or choose the omakase, which in Japanese means “put yourself in the hands of the chef”. That is how I decided to order a la carte and my friend opted for the omakase and received the best recommendations from the chef.

In this way, our experience in Shibui was unique, since there are not many Japanese restaurants that offer this type of service, usual in Japanese culture. Following this line, I can say that our experience was more “real”, since the kitchen is not “Mexicanized”; There is no soy with chili peppers or rolls with manchego cheese or breaded. The menu is short but the freshness of the food is incomparable. Similarly, the presentation of each dish was impeccable.

The private and the small capacity of the place made our experience safe (in terms of health), and exclusive; in fact, we were told that private reservations are possible. The service and attention were excellent.

As additional comments, the price-quality ratio is good; an average bill per person a la carte with food and drinks is between 500 and 900 pesos and the “shibui experience” or omakase on average 1000 pesos. It is necessary to reserve in advance and you can do it by going to their Instagram profile (@ shibui.pv) ​​and calling the number that appears in its description.

If you go, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Camila A. Platas

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