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Grand Annual Los Mangos Library Auction

Last Thursday, March 3, the annual auction of the Los Mangos Library was held, where over 90 works of art were auctioned and sold in the public auction, contributions from the city’s galleries and artists, and in the silent auction many others.

The auctioneers in the public auction, as is already a tradition, Ma. José Zorrilla and Gary Thompson, were in charge of giving life to the most important fundraising event of the Los Mangos Library.

Dinorah Gómez was the hostess of the event in her capacity as president of the Board of Trustees, which took place in the gardens of the Library and had a good number of attendees and a record collection was achieved thanks to the enthusiasm of the participants such as the donors.

Special mention must be made of the restaurateurs who year after year support the event and send their delicious dishes to be tasted by the attendees: Benito’s, Barrio Bistro, D’Cantaro, D’Santini, La Tosca and Runa hidro-miel, a novelty in drinks. Likewise, between restaurants, shops, galleries and hotels, a total of 128 certificates were donated for auction. To liven up the event, guitarist Alejandro Chávez was present. Also, thanks to Carlos Elizondo, Director and organizer of Vallarta Nayarit Gastronómica, who made 2 last-minute donations that were a success.

The five hours of the event were such a success thanks to the 20 volunteers and the staff of the Library commanded by its director Tania Mancha

Thank you very much to all!

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