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Real estate vaccinated against the economic crisis


Like the pandemic affects physical health, their sufferings extend alarmingly towards the global financial situation. There are many productive lines that have been infected by the virus of instability causing large losses. However, there are some industries, such as real estate, that generated an autoimmune system that allows them not only to survive, but also to grow.

Before the onslaught of the covid, different circumstances worked as antibodies to protect real estate. Although global purchasing power decreased, a sector considerably increased its richness and consequently its ability to invest. This segment bet on business that will provide security and profitability, as does the real estate industry. Among young people emerged a considerable demand for properties for different purposes. On the other hand, the new reality diversified the market due to change in lifestyles. More people chose places where they can be able to work at distance and the demand for housing grew significantly both in purchase and income. Another factor was that thanks to technology, operations, from prospecting to closing contracts, could be done more easily. The list of favorable conditions is extremely extensive, but the conclusion is quick: the real estate industry continues to increase its potential.

Transferring these considerations to the region, the panorama is more than promising. In Mexico, preference was expanded by beach destinations particularly in the three most important tourist corridors in the country: Los Cabos, the Riviera Maya and that of Jalisco-Nayarit. A recent analysis indicates that during the first quarter of 1921, the volume of sale and income of real estate was recovered to such a degree that it is now only 14% of the highest selling levels in the region before sanitary contingency. It also points out that the best performance corresponds to the residential line.

This phenomenon is due to different factors. A representative group of successful real estate agents in the area expresses their views on market behavior today. These experts agree that, unless a catastrophic event is presented, the recovery trend will be maintained at the rise. People with the highest purchasing level choose to get away from the most densely populated urban centers and look for places with more natural resources but that have modern infrastructure, advantages that Riviera Jalisco-Nayarit guarantees them. In such a way that the surplus value of the properties in the area is still increasing.

At present, not only in the high socioeconomic segments, the housing demand has grown, also in the row of middle and low housing the same happens.

In this expansion of the real estate portfolio a significant amount of connationals moved to this region in search of job opportunities. Another relevant data is that the demand for properties by the citizens of the three countries that the greater number of potential customers bring to the Riviera Jalisco-Nayarit: United States, Canada and Mexico, behave at the same rhythm of growth. Something that has not happened for fifteen years since on previous occasions, some of these nations presented crises and economic valleys.

The behavior of statistics points towards the solidity of the industry in the incipient 2022. However, in order to take advantage of growth inertia, it is essential to avoid the area of ​​comfort. It will necessarily have to continue knowing the behavior of potential customers to meet their needs, approach experts in the field, be more creative, innovate, keep properties in the best conditions. But a factor of main importance is teamwork.

It is essential to strengthen the community spirit. Increasing and strengthening the ecological and social culture is a priority. The commitment to the sustainable development of the region will be the best antidote against external or internal situations that endanger their stability. Today, the region continues to be a paradise of opportunities.



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