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New and hopeful horizons

On March 8, International Women’s Day was commemorated. A commemoration whose reason for being is to continue strengthen the fight for the legitimate rights of a sector of society that has been victimized for a long time. It is a reminder that the paradigm shift has to happen despite resistance.

In much of the planet, the dominant culture has been based on a machismo that seeks to perpetuate the submission of women to men. This situation is reflected in the establishment of absurd roles and stereotypes in which part of society tries to pigeonhole women. New Zealand was the first country that granted them the right to vote only in 1894. The example spread mainly in Europe, and it was until 1953 when Mexico granted them the right to vote.

Depending on the socio-cultural conditions of each region of the national territory, progress against discrimination based on gender occurs to a greater or lesser degree and in various areas, including employment. On this issue, the Riviera Jalisco-Nayarit has shown significant progress compared to other regions of the country, here progressive thinking finds a fertile field. Women’s capabilities are recognized and valued in various fields, one of the most representative is real estate.

Since years ago in the role of real estate advisory, they have performed successfully, but the levels of direction and management were reserved for men. This has already changed, today many professionals in the sector occupy executive and leadership positions. An opinion poll conducted by Vivanuncios, eBay’s real estate portal, yielded the following data: 97% of women consider that there are opportunities for professional growth in the sector, 42% work as real estate agents and about 20% have their own agency .

Companies have realized that the potential of each person is not defined by gender and that not seeing it that way puts them at a disadvantage because it limits the inclusion of valuable people who have a lot to contribute. This new vision contributes to the strengthening of the real estate industry in the area.



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