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Urban art: the commitment of culture to the environment

The climate emergency and environmental sustainability are issues that have been involved for several years in different areas of our lives, such as construction, the economy, transportation, food and practically almost everything, but … art? Now art too is involved and added as a solution to the problems that affect humanity.

The beginning of this is Air is Art, a sustainable and cultural art movement to promote air quality awareness through the creation of murals and other works. Air is art is an alliance between urban art and Airlite eco-painting, which has allowed the development of culture’s commitment to the environment

Airlite is an eco-friendly anti-pollution paint that purifies the air in the same way as forests: each square meter is equivalent to planting the same area in trees.

Airlite is chemical-free and works with light and the moisture in the air; breaks down harmful organic substances (nitrogen oxides) and transforms them into harmless ones, eliminating up to 88.8% of external pollution. Likewise, it apparently also eliminates the coronavirus, other viruses, bacteria and molds outdoors and indoors.

Some examples of this movement are found in Rome, Amsterdam and Mexico City.

In Mexico City there are three of these ecological murals. One is a 35 meter tree in Paseo de la Reforma achieved by the Spanish collective Boa Mistura. For his part, the Italian Iena Cruz is the author of Hunting Pollution in Rome: the eco-sustainable mural with a surface area of ​​1,000 square meter, which makes it the largest in Europe and the lung of the Italian capital.

In Amsterdam, Diversity in Bureaucracy is a 100 square meter mural addressing the issue of inequality by Dutch artist Judith De Leeuw.

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