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Do you remember the amazing mansion from ‘Basic Instinct’?


The California mansion where Basic Instinct was filmed with Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas, and which was most recently one of the locations for the HBO series Big Little Lies, is for sale. It is located in Carmel, a small town on the Pacific coast.

This amazing house that is made up of five bedrooms, nine bathrooms, twelve fireplaces and two kitchens, surrounded by trees and with a distribution that revolves around the interior patio with a swimming pool, is for sale for a price of 29.6 million dollars. It is located on the shores of the Pacific Ocean in the picturesque and artistic town of Carmel-by-the-Sea, within Monterey County, a place inhabited by people of the media of the cinema and that came to have Clint Eastwood as mayor in the 1980s. Known simply as Carmel, it is famous for its fairytale-like homes, many art galleries, and incredible views of the Pacific coast.

In addition to being the setting for Basic Instinct and Big Little Lies, it was also the location for classic films, such as the first version of The Parent Trap, although with a reform for its modernization inside, the house has been equipped with a contemporary aspect to the 21st century different from the original.

Although the interior of the house, and all its facilities, are already impressive, the attractiveness of the house is multiplied thanks to its exterior and the views over the Pacific coast that create many special places to relax or celebrate a meal.


Despite the large dimensions of the mansion, it manages to give its inhabitants a feeling of warmth and comfort. For example, the complete living room and the huge windows with a stone fireplace make up the ideal interior design to have a relaxed chat on the sofa.



One of the main bedrooms of the house has a balcony with direct views of the west coast. In total, the house has five bedrooms.


The two-floored library has an interior design with wood as the protagonist. The spectacular spiral staircase allows access to the books stored at the top.


This is just one of the outdoor gazebos to enjoy the natural environment where the house is located.



With these views, we fully understand that it has become a perfect house for fiction.



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