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House upside down

The Crazy House located in a path in a municipality on the outskirts of Bogotá, Colombia, has become a successful tourist attraction. Built as a house upside down generates curiosity.

More precisely in the Verda Santa Maria de Guatavita, Fritz Schall, an Austrian who has been living in Colombia, decided to recreate with his family a tourist attraction that exists in Austria. What is seen as a house upside down and that the Schall family called ‘La Casa Loca’, is a construction that plays with the mind as an optical illusion.

The house is tilted 5 degrees to the left and 5 degrees back, which raises its optical illusion effect. Even when entering, it can generate a feeling of vertigo.

It is only a matter of a few minutes for the body to adapt to this new composition, since the interior is set precisely to decubate it. Many come close to take a creative photo with all the elements of the house, since it gives the impression that everything is upside down. This project has guides that support visitors to pose and take quality photos so that the desired effect is achieved.

Besides being built with the floor on the ceiling and with an inclination that makes it an optical illusion, the creator of ‘La Casa Loca’ arranged all furniture and other common household items to generate a complete experience to those who decide to visit the attraction and get into ‘a house upside down’.

Although it was barely inaugurated a few weeks ago, the house has become a success, because different creators of social networking have published their experience, taking dozens of users who by curiosity visit the place.

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