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«The Line» the futuristic city of Saudi Arabia

On July 25, the Saudi consortium NEOM presented its megaproject «The Line». A building, but also a city that crosses the entire Saudi coast with a length of 170 km, a height of 500 meters, 200 meters wide and with the capacity to house up to 9 million people, more or less the population of London.

The city is designed to offer a solution to climate change and the problem of sustainability, revolutionizing the way in which urban societies interact with the environment. According to the official statement, the city will be divided into modules where all the needs of its inhabitants will be covered and they will be able to find everything in less than five minutes on foot and tour the city in 20 minutes from side to side, so neither transportation nor will cars be necessary. With this, they say, the carbon footprint will be reduced and it is planned to have an impact of only 2% compared to a conventional city, since it will be completely self-sustaining through artificial intelligence.

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