April 17, 2024

Bucerías, the Corner of Peace in Bahía de Banderas

Bucerías is located 20 kilometers north of Puerto Vallarta, and in the heart of Banderas Bay. It is a quiet town, on the seashore, of course, where life runs smoothly, with the benefits for health and soul that all that brings.

Although it is a fact that life on this coast is relaxed, the small town of Nayarit is, without exaggeration, a haven of peace. A place that offers even more tranquility in an already calm region. It must be warned, Bucerías is not for everyone; There will be those who are not satisfied with their calm routine; Anyone looking for hustle and bustle, glamour, crowds, big stores would do well to head to Puerto Vallarta.

If you are looking for a small place, ideal for walking, in front of the beach, with small hotels, a sufficient supply of houses and condominiums, as well as spas, yoga centers, craft stores and art galleries, along with a modern hospital, three Well-stocked supermarkets, plus the proximity of a golf course, you should seriously consider Bucerias. 

Eat, drink and walk through Bucerías

Those who like good food (local and international), refreshing drinks and the captivating aroma of espresso and cappuccini to pair with delicious pastries, will have no problem finding a very decent offer, just a few steps from their villa or hotel, like the one at Bigger cities. After food, it is necessary and healthy to walk, and in this case, with the advantage that you can walk through its cobblestone streets with well-kept houses, buildings full of color, plants and flowers, and little traffic.

It is enough to return to visit this town from time to time to find news. Little by little, the real estate offering is expanding, with charming properties available, as seen in the abundant sale or rental advertisements. The opening or remodeling of restaurants (and not just fish and seafood), cafes and shops in this cosmopolitan population favored by Americans and Canadians, such as, for example, Joseph, who loves Bucerías, for its “friendly people, restaurants , shops, beaches… Everything I need to rest,” he says.

Like Puerto Vallarta, the town has a weekly Art Walk. On Thursday afternoons (from 7 to 9 PM) on Lázaro Cárdenas Street, the galleries and craft stores welcome their visitors with complimentary drinks and special attention from their owners to encourage them to purchase a painting, sculpture or a little detail to give as a gift. .

Vitamin Sea

The beach, just over three kilometers long, is wonderful. The sea usually has little waves, and unlike other areas of the Bay, there are no annoying stones to step on. Along this quiet stretch of warm sand, there is an attractive variety of seafood restaurants and bars, alongside condominiums, villas and a few hotels. 

It is also possible to take horseback rides on the beach, from which you can enjoy spectacular sunsets, and where there is always plenty of space to lie down and enjoy the view of the ocean, while the sun's rays caress and tan your skin.

Not only that: there are at least a couple of places for massages on the beach, a delight for those who want to pamper themselves, since they are not expensive like those in the big hotels and whose only background music is provided by the waves of the sea, while the breeze Marina refreshes the atmosphere. 

Another advantage of the town is that it is located a short distance from Nuevo Vallarta and Puerto Vallarta. Towards the north, and not far from there, are the Cruz de Huanacaxtle and Punta de Mita, to name a couple of nearby attractive places. 

Bucerias has very friendly and warm residents, many of whom speak decent English. And if they don't speak it, no problem, they will do what is necessary to communicate and help the visitor. The important thing is to take it calmly, without stress, because that's why the place paints itself.

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