June 20, 2024

Discover the Riviera Nayarit’s new beach corridor

    • This emerging tourist area stands out for its gorgeous landscape of beaches, jungle, and mountains overlooking the ocean. There’s no doubt nature was more than generous with Mexico’s Pacific Treasure.

    A new tourism corridor is emerging with the arrival of new tourist developments in the Riviera Nayarit like La Mandarina and Costa Canuva, one that includes beaches of exceptional beauty that have yet to be discovered. Both developments are located in the municipality of Compostela and will become the next focus of economic activity in this tourist destination.

    Consider this your invitation to get to know these uniquely beautiful beaches!

    Playa Las Cuevas

    This is one of the least known beaches in the Sayulita area, although it’s also one of the most beautiful. Located just north of the town, getting there is easy: you can walk or ride your mountain bike down the path that will take you to a magical place hidden among rocks sculpted by the pounding of the waves, creating strange formations or “caves.”


Malpaso Beach

There are two beautiful villages, Sayulita and San Pancho, linked by the jungle and a beautiful beach called Malpaso. This 2.7 kilometer stretch of pristine beach is one of the few virgin redoubts that can still be found in this region, a paradise that must be appreciated and preserved.

Playa Barro

This beach is not well-known by tourists, although it has always been an “open secret” of the locals of San Pancho. Discovered in the last year by Instagrammers, it’s gaining popularity largely because it’s basically an outdoor spa where visitors like to smear mud (which can be found on the hill near the beach) all over their bodies, sunbathe, and then dive into the sea—a glorious experience! Easily accessible, part of the trip is by car on a dirt road and the other part is a 15-minute walk through the jungle.

Lo de Marcos

The beach at Lo de Marcos, a typical coastal town of the Riviera Nayarit, is very clean and almost always with enough space to sunbathe and enjoy a tropical cocktail. It’s also excellent for swimming thanks to its tranquil waters. There are other charming little beaches nearby, such as Los Venados, Las Minitas and El Atracadero, which are not very frequented, meaning you can pretty much turn them into your own private beaches for a day. They have few services, so it’s better to bring everything you need.


Playa Punta Raza

Punta Raza is a vast area of soft golden sand, facing a sea of intense waves and turquoise waters. To reach the beach you have to walk a narrow road from the town of El Monteón, with access from the Federal Highway 200 (7 kilometers from Rincón de Guayabitos). The Punta Raza Club is very close to the beach and has a pool, terraces, dining room, kitchen, showers, and bathrooms. Children can enjoy the facilities for free and adults can enter for a modest recovery fee for the maintenance of the club.

Playa Paraíso Escondido

This beach is located north of Peñita de Jaltemba, in the Paraíso Escondido development, very close to the new tourist complex of Costa Canuva. Access to the beach is through a road connecting to Federal Highway 200 or through the Paraíso Escondido development. El Naranjo beach, with its intense waves, idyllic environment, and beautiful landscapes, is very close-by. This is also where the homonymous turtle camp is located.

Have you already visited any of these beaches in the Riviera Nayarit? If not, we hope you can travel to Mexico’s Pacific Treasure very soon to enjoy a day in any of these spectacular places.

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