June 20, 2024

UAVI´s Breaking Ground: The Most Exclusive of Litibu

On an unforgettable evening last October 20, the laying of the first stone of UAVI took place. This exclusive residential project, backed by the Zeiba Group, by Terraforma, by Cimbra Capital, and directed by Nereo Martin, Project Director, promises to raise the standards of luxury, security and quality of life in the area.

The ceremony was attended by distinguished personalities and a large concurrence that enjoyed a cocktail at sunset in front of the sea, music and exquisite, which further enhanced the natural beauty of the region and stressed the commitment of the community with this unique project .

UAVI: A dream under construction

UAVI, with its focus on architectural design and contemporary aesthetics, is composed of five independent towers that will house a total of 44 luxurious departments. These varied residences, which range between 321 and 680 square meters, offer configurations of 3, 4 and 5 rooms. The possibility of choosing between penthouses with a private terrace and pool or magnificent Pent Gardens adds a dimension of exclusivity to the project.

The highlight is that all these residences enjoy privileged views to the sea, promising dream sunsets for their future inhabitants. The delivery date is scheduled for the third quarter of 2025, which adds even more anticipation to this exciting proposal.

Privacy and comfort at its expression

Privacy and security are essential values in UAVI, with their controlled access that guarantees the tranquility of residents. In addition, its strategic location near a world -class golf course designed by the sport legend, Greg Norman, makes it an ideal destination for those who seek serenity without giving up comfort and luxury. Golf lovers will find in UAVI a paradise designed to satisfy their wishes.

The sea as a witness: Beach Club of 100 meters from Playa Privada

One of the jewels of this project is the UAVI Beach Club, which offers exclusive access to 100 meters from a private beach in an unparalleled environment. This corner of Paradise gives residents the opportunity to enjoy the wonders of the ocean and relax in an exclusive environment.

The placement of the first stone of UAVI was more than an event, it was the prologue of a dream that is being built in Lithibu. UAVI is the reflection of the vision of its creators and the beginning of a luxury and comfort story in one of the most beautiful destinations in Mexico.

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