June 20, 2024

The Castle where Mozart composed his Last Requiem is auctioned

Mozart: a musical legacy

Schloss Stuppach Castle, where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart composed his final work, the Requiem in D minor, will be auctioned off with a starting price of 4 million euros. This historic property, located less than 100 kilometers from Vienna, offers a unique opportunity to own a significant piece of the cultural heritage of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire.

A Majestic Palace


With a history dating back 900 years, Schloss Stuppach Castle is not only a musical landmark but also an impressive architectural work. Its four floors house 50 carefully furnished rooms with valuable objects, including the Requiem Chapel,the Jardinière, and the old dungeon. The interior decoration blends the rich Austrian Baroque tradition with modern touches, creating a unique and elegant atmosphere.

A Vibrant Cultural Stage

Throughout its history, Schloss Stuppach Castle has been the stage for over 160 concerts performed by orchestras from around the world. Its own chapel and concert hall have hosted historical figures such as Napoleon, Pope Pius VI, Princess Isabella of Parma, Emperor Franz Stephan von Lothringen, and Franz Schubert.

Surrounded by over a hectare of lush gardens and overlooking the spectacular Austrian Peaks, Schloss Stuppach Castle offers a tranquil and relaxing setting. The property also features modern amenities such as a club lounge, an experience theater, a concert hall, and a cinema.

A Unique Opportunity for Lovers of Music

The auction of Schloss Stuppach Castle presents a unique opportunity for investors seeking to acquire a historic property with great potential. History and music lovers will also find in this place an invaluable treasure, imbued with the legacy of one of the most important composers of all time..

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