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La Cruz de Huanacaxtle: fishing good experiences and pleasures assured

La Cruz de Huanacaxtle is a small peaceful place where the waves of the sea touch the beaches with secrecy and delicacy. The sun shines brightly and the breeze refreshes the atmosphere and the mood of residents and tourists.
Former fishing village, this corner of the area is another one of the treasures of the Bay of Banderas. Located just six kilometers north of Bucerías and 17 kilometers south of Punta de Mita on the coast of Nayarit the site offers many attractions to those who live there or just visit.

According to a popular legend, the town owes its name to a wooden cross carved in honor of an indigenous woman buried under a tree of Huanacaxtle, typical tree of these parts.
La Cruz (as it is known) has much to offer, such as fishing tournaments, parties at the beach, diving, snorkeling, boat trips; while, in the land part, you can walk through its streets or ride a bicycle, to move to restaurants, bars, beach clubs, hotels …
Reflection of the syncretism and fusion of these parts, the town combines the manifestations of the Huicholes with first class tourist services, remarkable gastronomy, a decent offer of real estate and its Marina, one of the best on the Mexican Pacific coast, with ability to provide shelter and service to up to 400 boats. It is worth mentioning that the Navy has all the necessary services for yachts, boats and their crews.


Vamos a la playa…

Lets go to the beach…
Among the things that the site has to boast are its beaches. Since Manzanilla is the most visited of them, it is not recommended for those who fear crowds. If you venture to go there, you should try the zarandeado fish, a specialty of the Nayarit coast that is sold in restaurants and street stalls in La Manzanilla.
Good news is that there are about five kilometers of clear sand and warm waters ideal for sunbathing, swimming and diving in the area. There are less crowded nearby options like some beach clubs, or the quiet Destiladeras, not far from there, on the way to Punta de Mita.
It is necessary to visit its famous Mercado del Mar, a must in this town dedicated largely to fishing. One can, obviously, go shopping or if not just look around and find out about the species of fish (tuna, marlin, dorado …) and seafood that is caught in nearby waters and that, sooner or later, will be in the kitchens and tables of some lucky ones.

Right there, in that place, and in front of the yachts and boats of the Navy, on Sundays in season autumn-spring the Farmers Market is installed. This market is a delight for the variety of products that can be found there: food, ice cream, fresh water, clothing, handicrafts, decorative items, accessories and jewelry … Always with good taste and quality, are items of the zone primarily, although crafts from other parts of the Mexican Republic are also sold. Sometimes it is possible to get a good discount from the tenants, while happy buyers come and go taking pictures. Generally, a musical group brightens the day.

Walks and other pleasures

In the Marina you can depart on trips to the Marietas Islands, or rent a yacht or boat to go fishing or to practice scuba diving or snorkeling. You can even go out on a sailboat. A popular attraction is the paddle board, entertainment very fashionable that requires a little practice and balance to sail the calm waters of the sea.

Although it is a small population, La Cruz surprises by the number and quality of decent hotels settled in the area. And, on the other hand, when it comes to food, you do not have to go very far; the local offer obviously includes fish and seafood. It is worth mentioning that La Cruz has had restaurants that became legendary for their quality and service. One of them was Salvador Machuca. Along with his wife and children, El Peludo -as he was known- for years served succulent regional dishes, as well as fish and seafood. According to many, it was the best gastronomic establishment in the entire bay. Officials, locals, tourists, celebrities like Liz Taylor or Julio Iglesias, among others, ate with El Peludo, who dabbled in politics and left the restaurant business.
To this day, Columba continues to operate, another recommendable place to enjoy the pleasures of the table and to calm the hunger. According to some locals, this simple place is “extraordinary” with local specialties and seafood, whose clientele has been faithful for years. Mexican cuisine, pizzas, sushi and international cuisine, without forgetting cafés or bars, complement the local offer to eat and drink.
Whoever wants it, can go by car or public transport to Punta de Mita, in the north, or to Bucerías or Nuevo Vallarta to the south in pursuit of more culinary experiences. They are short routes and is well worth it.There is a remarkable real estate offer in the area. Lands or houses are sold, as well there is rent of villas and apartments. There is room to expand and build new properties for retirees from the United States or Canada, or for those wishing to go to spend time relaxing in this villa located just 32 kilometers north of Puerto Vallarta.
Quiet place, with a lot of traditional and at the same time air of modernity, the Cruz augurs good fishing to those who visit it or decide to reside there.

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