June 20, 2024

Carlos Slim: A Master Investment Strategy

Carlos Slim, the Mexican tycoon known for his exceptional ability to identify investment opportunities, has once again captured media attention with the recent sale of one of his most emblematic properties: the Benjamin N. Duke House in New York. In this article, we will explore the figure of Carlos Slim and examine the strategic significance of this transaction in the context of his investments.

Carlos Slim: A look at the tycoon's career

Before analyzing this historic property in detail, it is crucial to delve into the figure of its previous owner. Carlos Slim, originally from Mexico, is widely recognized as one of the most influential businessmen globally. Throughout his career, Slim has built a vast empire spanning multiple sectors, from telecommunications to construction and mining. His ability to identify investment opportunities has ensured him a constant place on lists of the world's richest people.

The Benjamin N. Duke House: A Luxury Relic in New York


In 2010, Slim made a move that left many stumped: He purchased the Benjamin N. Duke House for a significant $44 million. This property, located on the Upper East Side of New York, facing Central Park, has a rich history and architecture that distinguishes it in the urban skyline. It represents a symbol of luxury and prestige dating back to the golden age of the city.

History and Architectural Details

The mansion was built in 1901 for Benjamin Newton Duke, a prominent American businessman, and his family. A renowned philanthropist and tobacco magnate, Duke was instrumental in the expansion of the family business, the American Tobacco Company. The design was carried out by Welch, Smith & Provot, a renowned architectural firm specializing in luxury and elegant buildings. The structure exemplifies the Beaux-Arts style, which reached its peak during that era.

A Look Inside: Luxury and Intrinsic Elegance

The façade of the Benjamin N. Duke House displays intricate ornate details, such as columns, carvings, and cornices, typical features of the Beaux-Arts style. The 7-story, 25-room structure is a testament to meticulous attention to detail, where each element was carefully selected to reflect the status and opulence of the Duke family. Inside, the spaces equally impress with high ceilings, intricate moldings and marble floors, testament to the effort and skill that went into their design and construction.

An Unexpected Twist: Reappearance in the Real Estate Market

Five years after its acquisition, in 2015, Slim tried to sell the property for $80 million. Despite the fact that the price reflected the historical and architectural value of the mansion, along with the appreciation of the New York real estate market, it did not find a buyer at the time. However, 2023 brought an unexpected twist.

This year, Carlos Slim has put the Benjamin N. Duke House back on the market, maintaining the price of 80 million dollars established eight years ago. This decision not only highlights the intrinsic value of the property, but also Slim's ability to stick with his investment decisions and wait for the right moment for the sale. The Benjamin N. Duke House, more than just a building, symbolizes a history of strategic vision, patience and confidence in the potential of long-term investments.

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