June 20, 2024

Imagine a life without long commutes! This is the 15-minute city

The term “15-minute city” encompasses an urban approach that aims to redefine life in cities. In this vision, residents can meet their daily needs within a 15-minute walk or bike ride from their homes, reducing vehicle dependency and improving quality of life by reducing travel times and traffic congestion.

The Concept of the 15 Minute City: Redefining Urban Life

The concept of the "15-minute city" encompasses an urban strategy that seeks to transform life in cities. This vision aims to configure local cities, where the inhabitants can satisfy their daily needs within a radius of 15 minutes on foot or by bicycle from their homes. The main purpose is reduce vehicular dependency, stimulate sustainable mobility and improve the quality of life by reducing travel times and traffic congestion.

Sustainable Urban Revolution


The "15-minute city" proposes a dense and varied urban environment that merges residences, commercial areas, work spaces, services, green spaces and recreational areas within reach of homes. This approach implies the creation of self-sufficient neighborhoods in terms of services and activities, thus limiting long journeys to carry out daily tasks.

Carlos Moreno, an internationally recognized distinguished urban planner and professor at the Sorbonne, is the creator of the concept. Thanks to his role as advisor to the Paris Mayor's Office, he has managed to deploy his pioneering vision of the "15-minute city", which has become a highly relevant proposal for the future of cities throughout the world. world.

Origins and Influences: The Global Impact of the Concept

The genesis of this innovative concept dates back to a group of researchers led by the Colombian-French Carlos Moreno at the Sorbonne University. His work has influenced a host of prominent urbanists, including influential figures such as Jane Jacobs and Jan Gehl, as well as diverse urbanism currents such as pedestrianism, new urbanism, and chronourbanism. The central premise of the "15-minute city" lies in the creation of efficient cities that facilitate the proximity of essential services and public and social spaces, following a vision aligned with the changing needs of contemporary society.

Implementation and Global Scope of the Vision


Since the start of her term in 2016, Anne Hidalgo, the mayor of Paris, has implemented prominently the program of the "city of 15 minutes". This ambitious project is expected to complete its implementation in 2026. Globally, a total of 16 cities in different parts of the world have adopted this innovative initiative. Some of these cities, such as Shanghai, Barcelona, Melbourne and Bogotá, are already actively working on realizing the vision of the “15-minute city”.

Key Elements of the 15 Minute City

  • Diversification of Uses: The planning integrates an amalgamation of residential, commercial, work and entertainment functions in each sector, providing access to various activities without the need for long journeys.
  • Connectivity: Access by pedestrians and cyclists prevails, accompanied by efficient public transport systems, reducing dependence on private vehicles.
  • Density Increase: The promotion of areas with a higher population density and activity enhances the viability of services and infrastructures, bringing them closer to citizens.
  • Green and Recreational Spaces: The planning includes parks and natural areas, promoting physical activity and well-being.
  • Community participation: Community involvement at the design and planning stage ensures consideration of local needs and wishes.

A Sustainable Urban Future: Beyond Today's Challenges

This concept addresses urban challenges such as road congestion, air pollution, time restrictions due to long commutes, and community fragmentation. The purpose is to establish a more sustainable, people-oriented lifestyle that favors social interaction and quality of life. With the evolution and expansion of cities, the notion of a 15-minute city stands as an attractive strategy to promote a more equitable and livable urban environment.

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