July 20, 2024

New airs in the Los Mangos Library

The Los Mangos Library presented the new members of the Board of Directors for the next three years, while Dinorah Yosozki Cortes took office as the new president of Pro Biblioteca de Vallarta AC.

bliblioteca-los-mangosDinorah Gómez, the outgoing President, offered a work report and thanked the press, the business community, artists and other sponsors and associations such as Alas de Águila and the VNG Club. There were no shortage of words of recognition for Tania Mancha, former Director of the Library, and for Juan Azuara, who carried out very important activities such as exhibitions, book presentations, cultural and recreational workshops, film clubs, recitals, the Annual Art Auction, Summer Courses, Celebration of Letters and a long etcetera.

Luxury witnesses of this inauguration were Mrs. Eva Contreras de González, president of Alas de Aguila, Jorge Téllez López, Rector of the CUC and a select group of guests, all of them friends and donors of the Los Mangos Library.

The new board of directors was made up of the following members:
President: Dinorah Yosozki Cortés
Library Director: Isela Mariscal
Secretary: Ana Wulff
Treasurer: PC. Veronica Aguirre

bliblioteca-los-mangos The Honorary Council of Advisors was also instituted, which includes former presidents of the Library such as Arturo Pasos, Ma. José Zorrilla and Ana María Platas; Eva Contreras, members of the artistic and university community and characters from different fields and whose objective is to continue supporting and enriching the activities of the Library.

The new board of directors will be dedicated to improving the quality of library services and expanding its outreach to the community. We are confident that these members will work together to ensure the Library’s success and serve the community with excellence. We thank Dinorah, Isela, Ana and Verónica, as well as the team that accompanies them for accepting the challenge of serving the library as members of the board of directors. We wish you much success!

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  • Manu , March 1, 2023 @ 8:05 pm

    Las nuevas Ratas ocupan la Biblioteca más fraude de fondo publicos

    • camila acuña , March 10, 2023 @ 3:27 pm

      Manuel, la Biblioteca no vive de los fondos públicos desde hace más de quince años. Subsiste por las donaciones y los talleres que se imparten.

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