June 20, 2024

Live the Excitement of Independence Day in Puerto Vallarta!

If you're wondering where to celebrate Mexican Independence Day in 2023, Puerto Vallarta awaits you as an unmissable tourist destination that attracts both national and international visitors. This year, the coastal city has planned a series of patriotic events that you won't want to miss.

Grito de Dolores in Puerto Vallarta: The Heart of September 15th Celebrations

The most anticipated moment in the Mexican Independence Day festivities in Puerto Vallarta is the "Grito de Dolores." It takes place in the Central Plaza, where the municipal president steps onto the balcony of the Municipal Palace at 11:00 PM to evoke the historic words that marked the beginning of Mexico's fight for independence.

It's not just in the city center where the town resonates with patriotic fervor. Other popular neighborhoods such as El Pitillal, Ixtapa, Las Palmas, and Las Juntas offer similar ceremonies, where local representatives take the stage to join in the chorus of independence, accompanied by live music, folk dances, and delicious Mexican cuisine.

Schedule of Events for September 15th

The 2023 Mexican Independence celebrations in Puerto Vallarta will begin with the following activities:

  • 6:15 PM: Azucena Campos Performance
  • 6:45 PM: Performance by Martín Rodríguez "El Auténtico de Nayarit"
  • 7:20 PM: Performance by Mía Dance Studio
  • 7:45 PM: Grupo Komander Presentation
  • 9:45 PM: Grupo Zafiro Performance
  • 10:30 PM: Mariachi Tierra Jalisciense

Fireworks and Performances in Puerto Vallarta for Independence Day

The climax of the night is at 11:00 PM when Luis Alberto Michel Rodríguez, the municipal president of Puerto Vallarta, comes out to lead the eagerly awaited Grito de Dolores. Following that, an impressive fireworks display will illuminate the sky for over 30 minutes. The night will conclude with a special performance by the renowned local artist, Cinthia Urtiaga.

Puerto Vallarta: Your Destination for Celebrating Mexican Independence


With its vibrant atmosphere and rich cultural heritage, Puerto Vallarta positions itself as the perfect place to experience Mexican Independence Day, a celebration that evokes the indomitable spirit and rich history of the country.

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