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Give new life to your house or rented apartment

If you are about to rent an apartment or a house or you already rent one and you are limited to renovate the spaces, because many times the contracts prohibit it, do not worry, you still have a great area of opportunity to decorate these spaces and give your apartment a new life; make it yours in a temporary way.

And it is that there are several options with which it is not necessary to intervene the structure of the department or start a remodeling work. Here we leave you some that can be very useful for you to adapt these spaces to your taste and personality and feel truly at home.

Vinyl and wallpaper

Although it seems that this is already out of fashion, there is currently a wide variety of super modern wallpaper prints, with all kinds of motifs and of such quality that they harmonize perfectly with the space in question, giving it life and a different touch. In addition, they are very easy to apply and remove and can even be found on Amazon. The vinyls can be used both on walls and floors, called “vinyl floor plates” that are put as if they were small puzzles.


Self-adhesive hooks

If paintings are your favorite element for decoration, but your contract does not allow you to drill walls or you simply prefer to avoid patching them when you leave, self-adhesive hooks are an excellent option for you. With these you can hang not very heavy things and simply take them off when you move. There are hooks of different capacities, sizes and colors that fit the type of decoration you want to hang.


Removable kitchen countertops

If you do not like the material of the bar or countertop in your kitchen and your rental agreement does not allow you to make changes or your stay is not long enough, here are two very good options that will solve your problem. One, you can build removable wooden plates that work as temporary countertops; the second is to cover the surface of the bar with a self-adhesive vinyl that is resistant.


Carpets and rugs

Although it might not seem like it, the floor is a very important element in the decoration of a house or apartment, and although it seems like a difficult element to change in a rented property, it is always possible to turn the situation around. Vinyl floor tiles are one option, but so are rugs and carpets. These renew the appearance of the floor and add color and texture, contrasting with the other decorative elements.




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