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How to buy a Comfortable Sofa bed in Mexico

Sofa beds are simply one of the best space-saving pieces of furniture available. If you infrequently have guests at your casa or condo in Vallarta, a sofa bed is a great way to maximize the space in a second bedroom. A sofa bed can provide additional revenue for a relatively low up-front investment for homeowners who rent out their places when they are not using them.

One concern about sofa beds is that they are not comfortable. This was certainly true back in the 1970s, but not anymore. Today, you can get a sofa bed made with revolutionary new materials such as cooling-gel memory foam, web support, and anti-rust mechanisms. Sofa beds have certainly come a long way from the days when you could feel the metal bars pressing into your back while you sleep!

We have one of these new, revolutionary sofa beds in each of our stores (Puerto Vallarta and Bucerias). While it is in the sofa position, customers who sit in it cannot believe they are sitting on a sofa bed. It provides a medium-firm feel, making it great for relaxing. When we put it into the sleeping position, and they lie down on it, we have a hard time convincing them to get back up! The model is called the CloudZ, and it is made by a manufacturer in Saltillo, Mexico. The manufacturer is Palliser.
For those considering purchasing a sofa bed, here are some helpful tips to make sure you buy the best quality one for your money.

If you plan to use your sofa bed mostly for a sofa and only occasionally as a sofa bed, it must be comfortable for sitting. A well-made sofa is always designed with comfort being paramount. It should be almost impossible to determine if you are sitting on a sofa bed. Make sure you test it before you buy it. If it is not comfy to sit in, you will not use it, defeating the purpose.

You want great reviews to maximize rental revenue if you rent out your home. This is one more reason why it is essential to get a sofa bed with a good mattress – one that supports the back, shoulders, and hips. There are two different types of sofa bed mattresses. One option is a coil or spring mattress. If you purchase a coil mattress, look for one over 600 coils. Anything less will be uncomfortable. If it is a spring mattress, look for one with stress-relieving springs. By far, the better option is a memory foam mattress. Although they cost more initially, they are well worth the price. Memory foam mattresses offer consistent support, mold to your body, and quickly return to their original shape. They are also dust mite resistant and hypoallergenic; some even cool and warm to regulate your body temperature. If your budget has a little extra room, invest in a memory foam mattress.

Some manufacturers in Mexico use just plain foam for the mattress. This is not a good solution. The foam will compress and harden unless the foam is HR (high resiliency foam), such as memory foam. Within one year, you will be sitting and lying on a hard surface. Avoid HD (high density) foam. If the salesperson cannot tell you which foam it is, it is likely HD foam. Only a few manufacturers in Mexico use HR foam, so be very cautious. The HD foam which compresses will feel comfortable in the store, but it never lasts.

The open and close mechanism is also a critical component. If made with suitable materials, it should glide smoothly from the sofa to sofa bed position. Test it out – open and close the bed three or four times. All motion should be smooth. Also, inspect the edges of inner mechanisms so that they are not jagged – you do not want your sheets and blankets to rip. The mechanisms should be powder coated to ensure they do not rust. Rust is a challenge here due to the salty ocean air so review the warranty of the mechanism before you purchase.

Always check to see what support is used for the mattress. The best sofa beds use a combination of webbing and springs, and springs must be powder coated to avoid rust (and noise). Webbing is the best option for a sofa bed mattress. This support system ensures you will have even pressure when lying down instead of a hard metal rod in the middle of the bed.

If you have not tried out the newest sofa bed on the market, drop into one of our stores (Puerto Vallarta: 363a Constitucion, just off Basilio Badillo and Bucerias: Heroes de Nacozari 126) the next time you are in the neighborhood. We are happy to show you what to look for so you buy right the first time. Just a heads up that we close at 4 pm Monday through Friday and 2 pm on Saturdays, so we will need you to get off the sofa bed at closing time!

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