mayo 19, 2024

Practical guide to buy land in 2022

Since the pandemic we have made a 180-degree change in our habits, customs, way of working and the way we now experience the world, but our consumption model has also changed radically and our interactions with the market are different, I mean, we shop differently. This also includes how we acquire real estate.

Today our main source of information is the internet and that is why the first search is going to be done by this means. Here we leave you a practical guide so that you can carry out your search by this means or in person:

  1. Choose the area to live                                                                                            To do this, you should check these points:
  • quality of life in the area
  • security
  • nearby shops
  • entertainment and culture points
  • connection to major roads
  • pedestrian pathways
  • labor demand
  • if there are factories nearby that pollute the air or garbage dumps
  • check if the area already has drainage services, internet network, drinking water
    that does not have ejidal difficulties

2. Identify the right land for your needs

  • consider the meters if you have or if your plans are to have a family
  • if you have pets, consider space for a garden
  • if you want the presence of neighbors

3. What questions to ask when buying land?

  • What are the easy access points?
  • Check if there are schools, shopping centers and main avenues in the area
  • the surplus value of the area

4. Certainty and reliability of the seller

  • Once you have found the land for you, it is necessary to go to the Public Registry of Property and verify that the title of the property is correct, that the measurements coincide, that the location is correct and request a purchase contract where the name seller’s name appears to verify it in the database.

5. Check the land use of the property

  • You must go to the Ministry of Urban Development to check the land use license of any land so that you do not have future inconveniences

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