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Puerto Vallarta, as good wines (II)

Capital gain, key that opens the door to profitable investments in the sale, acquisition and rental of properties. Bahía de Banderas brings together a series of advantages and attributes that are reflected in the constant revaluation of real estate.

It is convenient to clarify that when Bahía de Banderas is mentioned in this space, reference is made to the extensive area that includes the states of Jalisco and Nayarit, since for socioeconomic purposes they form a conglomerate.

The tourism industry acts as a spearhead to stimulate the other productive sectors that together make up one of the most prosperous regions of the country.

According to data from the newspaper El Economista, in 2019, before the pandemic, Puerto Vallarta had a hotel occupancy of 75%. The decrease in containment measures, largely thanks to vaccination, allows us to expect a speedy recovery in the economy, including that of real estate. The new reality that will be experienced in the coming years represents a challenge that requires adaptability and inventiveness.

In the previous publication, the lines of location and biodiversity were discussed as relevant for added value. A starting point to continue analyzing the issue is infrastructure. Concept that covers the variety of services, public and private works available to a certain region.

Mobility and connectivity both by land, air and sea, among other items, explain the progress of Bahía de Banderas. It has a network of roads and highways that allows the agile movement of people, as well as goods and merchandise necessary for a better quality of life for both its inhabitants and tourists.

Regarding air connectivity, four international and four national lines land on the modern runways of the Puerto Vallarta airport. The terminal also serves flights dedicated to the transportation of the products you demand and offers a commercially dynamic population.

The area has made the most of its privileged coastal location. It has an advanced port infrastructure that receives vessels from all over the world. Of course, passenger transport stands out, where the cruise mode is one of its most famous and important attractions. Three berths facilitate the arrivals of cruise passengers mainly from the United States, but also from the rest of America, Europe and Asia.

On the other hand, Bahía de Banderas is distinguished by offering entertainment for all tastes, such as boat rides, diving and skydiving, among many others. He also has different personalities, one of them is the “aristocrat”. To meet your demanding requirements, it offers three luxury marinas: Cruz de Huanacaxtele, Nuevo Vallarta and Banderas.

Another fundamental point to shore up and strengthen the value of an area is the supply of urban services such as water, electricity, gas, hospitals, schools, markets and a long etcetera. All of them are available here in sufficient quality and quantity.

The above is just a brief overview of the many factors that contribute to the high capital gains of the properties in this destination. To list all of them and to elaborate on each one of them would be too extensive, it is enough to consider that culture and entertainment centers have not been mentioned, for example. However, with the aforementioned it is enough to know that in this paradise real estate investments are in a safe harbor. It should be remembered that times of crisis tend to become excellent opportunities. As happens with good wines, in Bahía de Banderas time plays in your favor.

Hector Marin

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