mayo 19, 2024

Sustainable Housing in Mexico

The issue of sustainability, in general, has become very important in recent years and is that the acceleration of climate change and the increase in environmental pollution are on the rise and it is increasingly common to suffer the consequences of a problem that by it has not been treated for many years.

This is how the need to create and increase the number of sustainable housing in Mexico is becoming more and more imperative. A study carried out by Demographic and Urban Studies of the Colegio de México entitled “Socio-territorial differences in the knowledge and use of ecological devices for housing in Mexico City” showed as results that 4.62% of CO2 emissions come from the housing sector and that 17% of the final energy in Mexico is used by the residential sector.

But thanks to the awareness and greater dissemination of the subject, areas such as architecture, design, construction, technology and many others have changed their focus and the way in which people as users relate to each other. the environment to try to generate the least possible negative impact on it.


Ecotechnologies for housing are a set of techniques and tools used as “gadgets” that help minimize greenhouse gas emissions, as well as save energy. This type of technology is not as well known but its usefulness is becoming more widespread and its availability in the market is increasing.

Some examples of these eco-technologies are:

  • solar panels
  • water purifiers
  • rainwater harvesting and saving systems
  • saving bulbs
  • Wind generators
  • saving showers
  • solar heaters
  • biodigesters
  • urban gardens

The advantages of migrating to eco-technologies are many:

  • better life quality
  • greater social welfare
  • saving electricity, water and gas
  • minimizing the demand for fossil fuels
  • reduction of air, soil and water pollution

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