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Punta de Mita: The jewel of Bahía de Banderas

Punta de Mita, located a little over 40 kilometers  north from Puerto Vallarta, was for long time a place practically unknown. A treasure well secured that was only waiting to be seized by entrepreneurial spirits.

The corner of the Riviera Nayarit was a tiny population of fishers that in less that three decades became one of the most select destinations of Mexico and among the most expensive. Mansions, golf clubs, luxury hotels and magnificent restaurants are some of what one can find today in the enchanting point located north of Bahia de Bandera obviously without forgetting the natural beauty of the entire site: sea, quiet beaches, lush vegetation.


The peninsula covers just six square kilometers, which contributes to giving it a touch of privacy. It is therefore a paradise on a scale that has no place for crowds, only a few privileged can afford that luxury.

Among the attractions of Punta de Mita, we must also include the nearby Marietas Islands, the dreamy skies, the view of the Bay, its flora and fauna … In addition, its strategic location, because a short distance away – south – La Cruz de Huanacaxtle and -to the north- Sayulita and San Pancho, also small and quiet places.

Punta de Mita: experience on another level

It is a fact that there is no tourism without food, thats why part of the pleasure of traveling is to experience new flavors, textures, creations … No one can complain in Punta de Mita about the variety and quality of its restaurant supply. Good tacos, beach bars with delicious dishes, fish and seafood, plus Mexican, Asian, European, gourmet gastronomy … are the menu available to the most demanding palates.

Punta-de-Mita-The-jewel-of-Bahía-de-BanderasWhen it comes to lodging, it highlights the exclusivity of its hotels such as the Four Seasons, the St. Regis Punta Mita, or the W, among others, as well as the Casa Aramara. By the way, this mythical mansion is one of the best known in the area. Obviously, celebrities stay there and let themselves pamper in what is considered one of the five best private residences in the world, according to several specialized media.

As is known, in 2014 Bill Gates, through its investment area, became an owner of the Four Seasons and neighboring lands, after paying some millions of dollars. For some years, prominent American businessmen have acquired properties in this luxury enclave also favored by actors, singers, millionaires and politicians 

Privacy that is shared


It is curious that there are celebrities jealous of their privacy, however, through their social networks is allowed to inform the world of their stay in places like Punta de Mita. Such is the case of the eccentric ladies Kardashian, frequent visitors of the site. The place is so beautiful that they can not resist the temptation to show off their vacations in the quiet peninsula. Golf, fishing, surfing, good drinks, excellent cuisine, shops, spas and friendly people are other reasons that make this a must for your visitors (distinguished and not so much …)


If Banderas Bay as a whole is already a privileged place in the Mexican Pacific, Punta de Mita is one of the crown jewels of the area. The immensity of the ocean, its tranquility, its marine life, exuberant hills and the warmth of its people, are reasons why the destination captivates and forces us to return again and again.

Punta de Mita, in fact, is within the reach of few. It is well worth visiting and enjoying it, whether for a few hours, days, a season or, if possible, a lifetime.

By Diego Arrazola


If you want to know more about Riviera Nayarit click here.



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