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The 51 best neighbourhoods in the world according to Time Out

Every year Time Out magazine makes a list of the best neighborhoods in the world based on some criteria that vary from the best combination of avant-garde culture, affordable food and drink, street life, nightlife, to community. It is important to note that the ranking does not go by cities or destinations in particular, but rather focuses on areas with an “independent and welcoming” environment and that are chosen based on surveys directed at residents as well as the network of editors and global Time Out writers. In short, the list contains the “coolest” neighborhoods in cities; amazing places to be right now.

It is amazing for Mexican readers to find that Colonia Americana in Guadalajara has been selected as the “coolest” in the world and that Versalles, in Puerto Vallarta is no. 51. Unexpected surprises that put our city and our state at the forefront of good living in the world.

These are the 10 coolest neighborhoods in the world for 2022 named by Time Out

1. Colonia Americana, Guadalajara / México

It is “an avant-garde combination of art deco and neoclassical mansions… it contains some of the best music venues in the city”. For the people of Vallarta and its visitors, Guadalajara is very familiar to us since it is the capital of our state of Jalisco. It is undoubtedly a cultural reference and the American Colony, the musical and artistic epicenter of the west of the country where the best restaurants, galleries and bars in the city are located.

2. Cais do Sodre, Lisbon / Portugal

“Cais do Sodre has been the heart of Lisbon’s nightlife for a few years,” says Time Out, “but in 2022 it’s poppier than ever.”

“Anchored by ‘Pink Street’ (the dazzlingly painted Rua Nova do Carvalho) and its colorful umbrellas, this is the neighborhood where Lisbon’s most promising young chefs are opening new restaurants, where small businesses are coming to life, where much- beloved bars and clubs are finally rising from the ashes of recent years.’

3. Wat Bo Village, Siem Reap / Cambodia


Time Out gives Wat Bo a third place for: “Helped by its idyllic riverside location, it is now an incredibly stylish neighbourhood. The neighborhood of Street 26 and Wat Bo Road has become a favorite hangout for expats who frequent its many bars, experimental Khmer restaurants in scenic settings (Banlle) and chic design hotels (Viroth’s, Treeline Urban Resort).’

Cambodia has had a very remarkable makeover in the last 3 years.

4. Ridgewood / New York City


The highest-rated American neighborhood came in fourth: Ridgewood in New York. Time Out says the balance of new bars and restaurants nearby in this area of ​​Queens, along with institutions like Rudy’s Bakery, which opened in 1934, earned it a spot on the 2022 list.

Thanks to its diverse landscape in terms of cultures and lifestyles, Ridgewood earned a place in the top five. Hip spots and old school landmarks co-exist and give the neighborhood the unique flair that everyone loves. Ridgewood is also a cultural hub and boasts ten historic districts with era-defining buildings, including New York’s oldest stone-built Dutch Colonial home (the Vander Ende-Onderdonk House), dating back to 1709.

‘Ridgewood, Queens,’ says Time Out, ‘is close to the Brooklyn border and draws in the best of each borough: the diversity and local vibes of Queens and the trendy offerings of Brooklyn, specifically neighboring Bushwick.

5. Mile End, Montreal / Canada

Oui! Welcome to Mile End: the trendiest neighborhood in the French-speaking city of Montreal and a hip hangout par excellence. Consisting of some 40 blocks and bounded by iconic streets like Mont-Royal Avenue and Saint-Laurent Boulevard, this neighborhood is the ideal host for haute design, avant-garde art, and artisan coffee.

Its French personality and aesthetics in every detail make Mile End a must to visit on your next vacation.

Here you’ll find some of the best restaurants, independent bookstores, florists, butchers, bakeries and everything a neighborhood needs to be “a walkable corner that houses rival bagel shops, a tea room that transforms into a champagne lounge after dark , a skate park that transforms into “digital block parties” (with dazzling art projections).

6. Barrio Logan / San Diego


The ‘vibrant’ Barrio Logan ranks sixth and is ‘home to the largest concentration of Chicano [Mexican-American] murals in the world’

Based on its rich and vibrant authentic concentrations of art, culture, and creativity, Barrio Logan has been designated as one of California’s 14 Cultural Districts, showcasing some of the unique artistic identities that drive California culture. The districts help promote authentic grassroots arts and cultural opportunities, increasing the visibility of local artists and increasing community involvement in local arts and culture.

With new galleries, breweries, restaurants and more popping up every day in Barrio Logan, it won’t be long before San Diego’s best kept secret is known around the world as a destination for art lovers and visitors alike. cultural explorers.

“Along Main Street, Logan Avenue, lowriders in Chevys, Cadillacs and Buicks (with quirky paint jobs and gravity-defying hydraulics) line up to blast Earth, Wind & Fire from upgraded stereo systems.

The guide adds that the neighborhood is “home to the largest concentration of Chicano [] murals in the world, with more than 80 world-class paintings depicting scenes from the Mexican Revolution, fierce Aztec warriors, and gigantic portraits of heroes.” like Frida, Diego and Cesar’.

7. Shimokitazawa, Tokyo / Japan


“Just one stop from Shibuya on the express train, Shimokitazawa, or Shimokita as the locals call it, has reclaimed its title as the coolest neighborhood in Tokyo,” says Time Out.

“Previously known for its vintage shops, Shimokita has become a hotspot for independent film enthusiasts, cafe and food lovers. This trendy hub has also seen countless new shops and restaurants spring up.

8. Cliftonville, Margate / UK


Visit Old Margate for a “good old-fashioned British beach day,” says Time Out, but head to Cliftonville for “a different kind of energy.”

The guide continues: “It is home to one of the UK’s most thriving arts communities, largely due to the influx of creative ex-Londons who have flocked to the area’s affordable housing and studio spaces.” The backbone of the neighborhood is Northdown Road, which is one block from the waterfront and stretches from Old Town to Palm Bay.

9. Barrio Yungay, Santiago / Chile


To the west of downtown Santiago is Barrio Yungay, one of the sectors with the most cultural activity in the capital. Since 2022 it is much better known, as it was the neighborhood chosen by Gabriel Boric, the new president of Chile, to establish his official residence.

Yungay was the first planned neighborhood in Santiago, built in the 19th century by wealthy families and intellectuals. Their beautiful houses remain as vestiges. Fortunately, the mixture of active neighbors, cultural managers, gastronomic entrepreneurs, immigrants and young people who have settled in the neighborhood have promoted the revitalization of the place.

10. Cours Julien, Marseille / France

They say that it is the neighborhood most focused on urban art in all of France, and that there is hardly a single corner that is not covered by graffiti to fall backwards. This is Cours Julien, and it is the modern area in the city of Marseille that you do not want to miss for anything in the world… a place that will bring out the colors from the first moment.

Next to the neighborhood of Le Penier, this hipster neighborhood is the epicenter of Marseille culture, and there are plenty of markets to get lost in, live music shows and all of this wrapped in a halo of creativity that is breathed in each square centimeter of the neighborhood.

The main square in Cours Julien is full of bars, terraces with their own style and restaurants lost in its streets full of life. It has the attraction of being an area still little known in Marseille by outsiders, which makes visiting it an incomparable local immersion experience.


51. Versalles, Puerto Vallarta / México


Millions of people visit Puerto Vallarta on the Mexican Pacific each year, but only a small portion find Versailles. “It’s a low-key part of town, framed by the commercial stores of Francisco Villa and Francisco Medina Ascencio avenues, but in between is an L-shaped neighborhood that’s home to a handful of Vallarta’s best shops and restaurants. This charming The area feels like a small town unto itself, with its cobblestone pathways, bougainvillea, and traditional single-story houses, and its calm is a refreshing contrast to the nearby tourist neighborhoods of Centro, Cinco de Diciembre, and Zona Romantica.But not all it’s peace and quiet here: Calle España has the best nightlife and dining in the city, with street-style tacos waiting at La Mucca and smoked mezcal cocktails at La Tatema Mezcaleria. And it certainly doesn’t hurt that the city’s beaches are within walking distance. just a few blocks away.”

The perfect day begins with a walk to taste the delicious pastry at Oh Croissant or at Le Jardin Sucré before joining a yoga class at Full Circle. Afterward, order a latte to go from Miscelánea and then browse for souvenirs at Bodeguita, with its homemade crafts and jewelry. Have lunch at cevicheria LAMARA, then visit La Expedition and kick back with a board game, before dining at newcomer Masame de Versalles.

To see the whole list visit https://www.timeout.com/travel/coolest-neighbourhoods-in-the-world


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