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Tiny apartments

From design jewels to cages of less than one meter, many people choose to live in a small space to minimize costs and stay in large cities. Almost all have a bathroom and kitchen, despite not being larger than a closet.

In the world there are palaces, castles, great mansions and impressive houses. At the other extreme, there are also tiny departments, smaller than a living room or a doctor’s office. Despite its size, almost all of these homes are perfectly designed, and architecturally planned for those who decide to save in space to live in a big city.

The locations of these microdepartments are no coincidence, but all are located in some of the most populated metropolises in the world. And many people, in order to live there, manage to inhabitate tiny spaces, which intelligently are designed so that it is pleasant to live there.

BAE Businesses already showed the smallest department of Buenos Aires, which is even smaller than some of this list. On the other side of the hemisphere, however, there are never seen homes, which attract much interest from the curious.

Without more, these are the smallest departments in the world:

10- Poland, 13 square meters

“The extremely small apartments are ideal for minimalist people who want to enjoy the life of the city,” said the current tenant of the Department, Szyomn Hanczar.

The house has virtually everything you need: a bed located just above a bathroom (where the toilet and shower are essentially the same), a small sink that forms the kitchen and there is even a washing machine. The space is completed with a bicycle mounted on the wall that serves both decoration and transport from hanczar by the city.

9- Paris, 12 square meters

The architects who designed the space, Julie Nabucet and Marc Billargeon, said that thair architecture approach is that “the house is not so much a machine to live, but a tool to live well.”

According to the current owner of the apartment, Thibaut Ménard, there are new things every day. In this sense, he acknowledges that Nabucet and Billargeon designed it in an intelligent and incredibly easy way to adapt.

Apart from the kitchen shown in the photo, there is also a bed that unfolds in the upper half of the apartment. Once you are ready, the space is completed with a bath, living room and even a dining room.

8- Manhattan, 8.3 square meters

Located in the city that never sleeps, this apartment costs about $ 700 per month and is only one block from the Central Park. An exinquiline admitted that she did not spend a lot of time there, and maybe that’s why she liked it so much and the space did not bother her.

Like all the others, you have the necessary: ​​a bed, a bathroom and a little free space. In addition, it has space for a small kitchen, constituted by a toaster and a refrigerator.

Cohen said there is even a small area of ​​offices and, when he had people, there was enough space for nine people.

7- Paris, 7.9 square meters

This department was previously a service room, but was converted by the designers of Kitoko Studios in a room that distributes very effectively the space. Similar to others of these features, it is just below the roof of the building, something that allows easy access to observe the stars or maybe have a small party from time to time.

The idea behind this microdepartment is minimalism and simplicity. Therefore, its main feature are the cabinets located on the wall, which open to form a closet and a folding table. Next to the window is the kitchen and located somewhere, is the bathroom.

6- Manhattan, 7.2 square meters

Being one of the big cities of the world, New York has searched throughout its history solutions to accommodate the large number of people who move there. And that’s why departments like this exists, which seems more a hall of entrance than a place to live.

For only $ 800 per month, the tenant will be able to access a department that has a sofa that becomes a bed, a mini refrigerator and many drawers to store dishes and even a printer, as the photo shows.

However, it has a characteristic against: It does not have running water, kitchen or bathroom. In fact, this apartment and the three surrounding apartments share a bath, something difficult to assimilate for those who are used to intimacy.

5- London, 5.6 square meters

Would you like to live in a broom cabinet? It would not be so exactly in this microdepartment of the English capital, but, in terms of size, it is exactly the same. In fact, according to Dylanhoffman Blog, this department was effectively a scob closet before becoming what it is today in 1987.

Despite its tiny size, this house is perimetable to have a bath, a shower and a kitchen. The bed, as in others, is also a sofa. And here, surprisingly, the shower is also a closet, so it is better to keep the beach clothes there.

It is quoted at $ 313,000. “I could bathe, open the door, prepare a cup of tea and go to the bathroom at the same time,” said very happily the previous owner, Ray Barker.

4- Krakow, 2.5 square meters

With less than half the size of the London broom room, this department has all the needs that a traveler may need for his stay in another city.

Characterized by its high ceilings, it has a bed located on the top next to a huge television and drawers to store belongings. Below is everything else: the shower, the toilet, a desk and a chair that also serves as a kitchen with microwave, electric paw, hair dryer and refrigerator. The price is about 18 euros per night

3- Vietnam, 1.9 square meters

These small apartments are hidden between alleys, food stalls, shops and houses. Usually, tourists and civilians miss these spaces for how small they are.

2- Hong Kong, 1.6 square meters

As it could not be otherwise, number 2 is also in Asia, the most populated continent. This microdepartment, for example, is even smaller than a cell of a jail.

At a cost of $ 384 per month, you can compare quietly with living in a closet, but a comfortable closet. It is that this nice housing has air conditioning, wireless internet and, as well, a window.

To give an idea of ​​the dimension of this department, the corridor that leads to the place is just as narrow, so the rooms are basically converted into a place to put a bed. Even so, many choose to put shelves, trying not to hit their heads when getting up.

1- Hong Kong, 0.4 square meters

If there was something smaller than the previous department, it was also going to be in Hong Kong. Unlike the previous one, this is not more comfortable than a prison cell because it is, literally, a cage. And, by unusual that is, it is considered an apartment in that city, which has a cost of $ 167 per month.


How can it be that there is something so small? These apartments emerged originally in the 50s and, currently, they harbor people who live with the help of the government and spend their days begging to get the rent and eating throughout the month.

The living conditions are deplorable: all the tenants of the “Apartments Building” wash their clothes in a common bucket, and the bathroom consists of only two buckets. The shower is essentially considered a third toilet and the kitchen is practically a sink.

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