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Avoid this common mistake when buying a sofa in Mexico

If you purchase a condo in Vallarta or the Bay of Banderas area, this article will ensure you do not make a mistake when buying a sofa, sectional, sofa bed or recliner. Upholstered items are an investment, so you do not want to waste your hard-earned money on something that falls apart or is uncomfortable. It is critical to know that manufacturers in Mexico use different materials than manufacturers in the US and Canada. In addition, our climate in Mexico is harder on materials used in upholstered goods. The last thing you want is an uncomfortable sofa or sectional, or a sofa bed and recliner that do not open or close properly, within a year of purchase.

When buying a sofa, sectional, sofa bed, or recliner, choosing a manufacturer that uses the right materials that last in our climate will give you the best long-term value. Here is an in-depth look at some materials that should be considered when choosing any upholstered item for your condo or casa in our area.

High Resiliency Foam instead of High-Density Foam: HR foam is slightly more expensive than HD foam but is worth the investment. HR foam is denser than HD foam, making it more durable and providing a longer lifespan. HR foam also has a higher recovery time, meaning it springs back into shape more quickly after being sat on or compressed. In Mexico, manufacturers generally use lower cost HD foam, which packs and hardens quickly.

It will feel comfortable when you sit on it at the store but give it six months of use, and you, like most folks, will probably regret your purchase. If you want a comfortable sofa, only purchase one made with HR foam. How can you tell the difference? It is almost impossible to know unless you are already familiar with a furniture brand and the materials they use. Before purchasing your upholstered item, review the specs online or buy a brand name you know and trust.

Genuine Leather instead of Bonded Leather

Genuine leather is much higher quality than bonded leather. Genuine leather is made from the hide of cattle, making it strong and durable, while bonded leather is made from recycled leather scraps and cheap glue. In Mexico, manufacturers make lower- cost, leather-like furniture with a bonded material that usually cracks and peels within a year. The term for this material is tacto piel; Big box stores also import cheap leather furniture from overseas. How do you know if the pretty sofa is genuine leather or a cheap imitation that will quickly fall apart? Check the specs or trust a brand name that you know is reputable.

Performance Fabric instead of Regular Fabric: Performance fabric is an excellent option for sofas and recliners. This type of fabric is designed to be resistant to stains, fading, and shrinking. It is also easy to clean and care for, making it an excellent choice for your condo in Vallarta. Performance fabric is the best option for your sofa, sofa bed or sectional if you plan to rent your condo when you are not using it yourself. You want your condo to look new for as long as possible, so the best way to avoid ugly stains is to purchase upholstered items that are 100% stain resistant. I strongly recommend this option to anyone with a home in the Bay of Banderas area.

Sofa bed and recliner mechanisms that are powder coated: Sofa bed and recliner mechanisms that are powder coated will not rust, meaning they will easily open and close. Mechanisms that are not powder coated rust quickly in our salty ocean air and high humidity environment. What is the point of spending money on an item that will not work correctly in a couple of years? The mechanism must be powder coated if you purchase any furniture with movement, including a sofa bed, recliner or rocker.

Otherwise, it is a waste of your investment

Webbing instead of metal springs: Webbing is a much better choice than metal springs as it is more durable and provides better support. Webbing is also more comfortable than metal springs as it is softer and conforms to the body more easily. Most manufacturers in Mexico use metal springs. In our humid, salty ocean air climate, the springs rust. Rusted springs mean your sofa will squeak when you sit on it. A sofa bed with springs is heavy and uncomfortable. Springs are old technology; webbing is the new way to make a quality upholstered product that lasts years longer.

After investigating all the manufacturers in Mexico, I highly recommend Palliser brand. They offer all the quality materials identified in this article, making their furniture the best overall value for your peso.

Do you like any item you see in the pictures of this article? They, and more, are available through www.solutionsmexico.com

New condo? Buying furniture for our climate in Vallarta is different – it needs to stand up to termites, salty ocean air, high humidity, and intense UV rays. Sheryl Novak and her team at SOLutions Mexico specialize in helping you find the manufacturers and suppliers that use the correct materials with the proper processes so your furniture lasts.


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