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Barks of Gratitude

Yvonneka Foundation

Vallarta has an invaluable treasure; the work of outstanding members of their society who give themselves body and soul to causes that ennoble community life and that make its inhabitants proud.

This is the case of Yvonne Kálmán, a valuable woman who about twenty years ago decided, together with her husband, to settle on these lands. She is the daughter of the Hungarian musician Emmerich Kálmán, who at the beginning of the previous century won international fame for his operetta compositions. Ivonne quickly joined the Vallarta society to which she contributes through the foundation that bears her name, to commendable altruistic work, the support of “Puppy Paradise” the shelter dedicated to saving canine specimens that live in deplorable situations. In this place they are given veterinary care and food, while a home is found for them, mainly in the United States and Canada, where they can receive the love and care they deserve.

Barks of thankfulness

Incessant tail movements and barking are signs of canine gratitude to the large group of lovers of these wonderful creatures who work for no other purpose than to give them a new chance at life. Sustaining an institution of this nature implies an arduous human effort, but also, and relevantly, economic. Expenses in personnel, supplies, medicines, food and technology, among other items, are high. Rehabilitating a single canine friend represents a cost of around 1,000 dollars. Consequently, it is essential to obtain the necessary resources for the operation of the Yvonneka Foundation.

For this reason, next Friday, December 16, the annual Frida VII fundraising event will take place. At 6:30 pm the cocktail party will take place and at 7:30 pm dinner will begin, to continue later with a dancing and a show on the pool deck. The cost of the cocktail is $170 dollars and the cost of the cocktail plus dinner, dancing and the show is $200 dollars. An auction will also be held that includes incredible prizes donated by some of the most select tourist venues in the region, such as: Casa Yvonneka, St Regis Punta Mita, Four Seasons, Villa Balboa, Villa Kismet, Villa Namaste, Casa Tabachin, Casa Damae. 

Ivonekka and Guillermo Cuevas

To all of them our most sincere thanks. Also, a big special thanks to Guillermo Cuevas of G&G who has helped tremendously with his friendship and his generous donations to Fundación Yvonneka.

At the end of the article you will find the certificates that will be auctioned during dinner.

To buy your tickets online visit the page: yvonnekafoundation.org

The Foundation requires your support. It is in your hands to save the lives of those loyal and loving companions of human beings who depend on your generous help. We will wait for you.

Foundation Message:

“We rescue dogs in terrible conditions and rehabilitate them and the foundation supports the shelter where the rescued dogs are housed. Including 24-hour staff, maintenance and veterinary care.

It can cost up to $1000 USD to rehabilitate a dog. But her zest for life and her unconditional love and gratitude are priceless.

The dogs we rescue are sterilized and returned to optimal health and then shipped to the US and Canada where they have forever homes waiting for them.”

To donate and schedule an appointment at the shelter please visit: yvonnekafoundation.org

Or you can contact:: yvonekafoundation@gmail.com // tel: (310) 880 4330. Calle Hortensias 187 Alta Vista // casayvoneka.com



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