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Ikea’s prefab “Tiny Home”

Ikea, together with the American manufacturer of mobile homes Escape, has created a prefabricated, sustainable and transportable house.

Guided by the company’s People & Planet Positive sustainability strategy, the Tiny Home project prioritizes low environmental impact design. The Vista Boho XL model, is equipped with solar panels and a compostable bathroom, in this way the house allows an autonomous existence and disconnected from the network.


The design-build process for the Tiny Home began in late 2019 and was completed in April 2020, but the pandemic put a damper on Ikea’s plans to showcase the project on tour across the United States. Now, instead of visiting it physically, the house can be fully explored digitally thanks to experience-creating company Vox Creative.

The head of interior design at IKEA, Abbey Stark, has turned the interior of the Tiny House into a showcase for the brand’s sustainable, multifunctional and efficient products. The mini-kitchen, for example, is the KUNGSBACKA model, whose cabinet fronts are made from recycled plastic, and includes a SKOGSÅ solid wood worktop, in which the entire tree – including the branches – is used to minimize waste.

ESCAPE has started accepting orders for IKEA BOHO XL models – not including IKEA furniture – starting at $47,550 – with various options available. If you want the version with Ikea furniture, you can get it for $63,350.


Kitchen, sofa and bedroom
Basically, what you see at first glance is the kitchen, a small bar with a sink, a sofa next to it and the double bed in the background.

Big windows

One of the characteristics of the house is its large windows, which allow light to enter and achieve an effect of spaciousness.

Well equipped bedroom

In the area reserved for the bedroom you can see that on the same wall we find a wardrobe, the bed and a small bedside table, with a fiber table lamp. Above the window, a hanger and some photos. Making the most of space!

The kitchen in three parts

The kitchen is one of the most important parts and requires more storage. For this reason, the kitchen of the IKEA tiny houses is divided into three pieces of furniture. The one on the countertop with the tap, the one in the pantry (the top at the bottom) and the one where you can cook and store, in front of the sink.

The bath and the shower

There is a bathroom! And it is fully equipped. It’s tight, but you have the toilet with a cupboard above it and the countertop with the faucet…


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