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Extraordinary architecture without altering nature

These are unique houses completely integrated into the exceptional environment where they have been built. There are architects like the acclaimed Iranian Milad Eshtiyaghi who specializes in extraordinary constructions and where architecture and nature merge creating a perfect pairing.

Here some of the houses and their architects:

1.- Frank Lloyd Wright and Fallingwater 

Frank-Lloyd-Wrigth-Kaufmann-houseThey are undoubtedly the best known architectural example of integration with the environment. Built over a waterfall in the community of Bear Run, Pennsylvania. The Fallingwater House is one of the most iconic works of the 20th century. Today it is an institute dedicated to the study and natural preservation that can be visited.

2.- The house on the mountain

Eshtiyaghi-mountain-house-propertyThe architect Eshtiyaghi raised the construction respecting the existence of four pre-existing trees, almost the only green references in the middle of the rocky geography of Quadra Island, off the east coast of Vancouver.

3.- Doolittle House

kellog-doolittle-houseLocated in Joshua Tree, California and designed by Kendrick Bangs Kellogg, a disciple of Wright, it took twenty years to complete the project.

4.-House Inside a Rock

house-inside-a-rockThis incredible project by designer Amey Kandalgaonkar was built in the desert of Saudi Arabia, becoming a House Inside a Rock. His main search was for the architectural design to establish a dialogue with its surroundings in a simple and harmonious way. One of the particularities of this property is that it was designed with 3D software.

5.-The glass-bottomed house

Another of the works of the Iranian architect Eshtiyaghi. Here, he seems to defy logic by bringing to life a house that -at first glance- floats over an abyss. This house offers a strong feeling of connection with the nature that surrounds it. To make sure it doesn’t slide off the cliff, the architect used a cable system: the overhead cables support the weight of the house, while the lower cables support side and upwinds.

6.-Above the void

Also from Eshtiyaghi, this house is located on the cliffs in Vancouver. Unlike a traditional two-story home, this one has airflow between levels, accessed via an elevator and a set of exterior stairs. As for the aquamarine glass, it’s a rooftop pool.

7.- Inside the red rocks

This is another sophisticated and impressive project by Milad Eshtiyaghi and built in Norway. Perched within two matte black stands, this property is a boxy residence boasting unparalleled views of the surrounding red rock mountains. With a simple appearance, it is a design as unique as it is sophisticated. On the roof, the house has a large extension suitable for sunbathing. Instead, the floor of the house is a complete structure with a glass floor, designed to admire the views into the void. At each end of the house, there are floor-to-ceiling windows that allow the outside to be part of the inside.

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